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With CO2 revolvers, what are the tradeoffs between pellets and BBs?

The only skills that transfer from airsoft and BB guns into the firearm world are quickly drawings and getting used to the feel of a gun in your hand or on your person. Outside of these things, youre generally best practicing with a firearm. This is because the trigger feel, response, and recoil is far different between a replica firearm and real firearm. This even includes the higher end airsoft guns as well as BB guns. If youre looking to create muscle memory when it comes to squeezing a trigger, obtain a firearm and utilize snap caps or dummy rounds if you cant get to a range for real trigger time. That said, airsoft and BB guns are not as accurate as firearms. If you want to practice drawing, quickly acquiring a target, and then shooting - go for it. But your focus should be on the motion of unholstering the gun, gripping, and effectively firing. You shouldnt be focused with trying to hit a bulls-eye with every shot. Hitting the paper from 10 feet away should really be your only goal. In terms of follow up shots, again, its not worth it. Airsoft and BB guns barely have recoil similar to a 22LR. Im quite sure that your revolver is unleashing far more energy than a 22LR. All that in mind, airsoft versus BB, both are acceptable. The fact that youre looking for a CO2 gun is a great option as well. Just remember that the trigger wont be like a real firearm and the weight distribution will very likely be off as well.

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