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Why did the Senate reject the bill permitting the Attorney General to?

Because the No-Fly list is a joke. Nobody knows how someone is placed on it, No one knows who is on it. There is no oversight and the only two people I heard of who have gotten off the list after it their placement on the kist was in error ws Senator Kennedy (and how did a US Senator get placed on the list in the first place) and another man who legally changed his name. Course the bill was directed against nasty evil gun owners whom a lot of people would like to see banned from owning guns anyway - BUT - It might have been decided that cars can be used as a deadly weapon by terrorists so people on the no fly list should be barred from having driver's licenses. Maybe the mail to the Senate would have slowed because there was so much of it it had to be delivered by fork-lift trucks. There's a whole bunch of people in favor of the governments taking an action when it is somebody ELSE who will have to pay the costs of that action!

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