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What is the legal way to transfer a legally-owned firearm from one?

Just bring it with you. It's only a "transfer" if ownership is changing. So if you are taking it with you for the purpose of giving or selling it to someone else, that's a transfer, in which case you should ship it to a licensed FFL to conduct a background check. As far as what you described, you can just pack it up and take it with you. If you know the gun laws of the states you are traveling through and you are comfortable doing so, simply abide by those laws. Some states may allow you to keep a loaded gun up front with you if that's what you want, while others will expressly forbid it (even some states that will let you carry said gun without a permit). The safest way to do it is to abide by FOPA. Under those guidelines, you can legally transport the firearm so long as it is both unloaded and out of reach (either in a trunk or in a locked container). If you're flying, you can have a gun in your checked luggage. It must be unloaded in a locked container and you need to declare it when you check in. However, be aware of the gun laws of the states you are flying from and to before you do this. Some people have been caught up in unfriendly places like NY. | Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of FirearmsFirearms and Ammunition

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