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What are the arguments against universal background checks in the?

What is your best argument against Universal Background Checks for the transfer of firearms? Ordinary people arent allowed to USE the background check system. The real goal is to route all the transfers through dealers thus raising the price of firearms and serving as a defacto registry of only the HONEST law-abiding people. There isnt even any proof that the existing background check systems does anything useful, and the call is then for just MORE of something worthless. None of the US Department of Justice, Centers for Disease Control, nor the National Academy of Science has been able to identify any (ANY!) gun control law which can be shown to reduce any (ANY!) of murder, violent crime, suicides or accidents. This includes the background check system it doesnt even help reduce murder or violent crime or suicides or accidents. The whole point of this call is to just incrementally increase gun control while serving no useful purpose which is just used to ask for MORE GUN CONTROL because none of it works.

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