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If you bring a firearm suppressor into California but only use it?

You cant bring the suppressor into California because you cant legally change the Form 4 information with the BATFE to conform to your address of residence. The BATFE will not let you file a change of address for an NFA item where it is illegal to possess it. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives The act is illegal on its face. The NFA is not about where you use the item but where it is kept. That is the only address that matters. And that address is that of whomever is on the paperwork as the lawful transferee. So it is impossible to bring a suppressor into California to use anywhere in or out of the state if California is where you live. It is legal to bring a suppressor into the state if you are passing through. FOPA overrides state law for transport through the state. Transport through does not mean stop and use.

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