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How destructive would a full ban on civilian gun ownership be in the?

Other than the destruction of some political careers, not very. Any ban is an edict. That means it is a decree or legislation that carries the weight of law. To be successful, a ban depends on two things: The willingness of the populace to comply; the ability to enforce it. In the U.S., the government has a grand total of neither of those things. The affected population (i.e., gun owners) would not comply and a ban would be impossible to enforce for the simple reason that the government wouldnt have the time and resources to seize more than a small fraction of the banned guns before the next election cycle, when the ban would be repealed by the new Congress. Marijuana has been effectively banned for 80 years. I dont move in those circles much anymore, but I would bet it wouldnt take me more than an hour or two before I would be the proud owner of some pot. How about that ban on liquor? Or the one on pornography? The Catcher in the Rye? I doubt that a ban on privately owned guns would even work out as well as the others did.

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